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While companies collect reams of valuable information about their business on a daily basis, the everyday worker doesn’t have access to an easy way to understand this data. The goal of Narrative Science’s latest initiative is to build an interactive application that provides these workers with clear, actionable stories about their business data. This self-service tool will have the ability to deliver a personalized story to every employee highlighting key takeaways about what’s happening in the company, their team, or their day-to-day.

My role

Due to a non-disclosure agreement, I am unable to share the detailed specifics of my work.

  1. Facilitated user research initiatives by reviewing research questions, sitting in on user interviews and synthesizing research notes.
  2. Created user research collateral such as journey maps, personas, and user flows.
  3. Created a living style framework and accompanying style guide site based off a visual identity established by Sharon Chen.
  4. Worked with Maia Lewis Meza to develop end-to-end wireframes and pixel-perfect mockups in Sketch for Beta.
  5. Built interactive prototypes using JS/HTML/CSS.
  6. Developed and proctored user tests with relevant user personas to improve upon designs.
  7. Communicated design specifications and interactions to product owners and engineering team using Google Docs and InVision.
Work Samples

All proprietary information has been redacted from the following images.

interactive stories wireframe interactive stories journey map interactive stories mockup